Custom audio services

Customize your celebration with these fun special audio introductions and dedications!

We will record at my home recording studio and record your choice of the samples below (or if you have another idea, we’re open to that as well). YOU write the script (we can help), YOU do the voice over, WE record and edit everything and present it at your celebration! The best part, for a limited time these options are offered for FREE!
Below are some examples of recordings we've done for our past customers: 


This is a special recording for a Grand Entrance. The recording was a big hit with the guests and the wedding party. The bride & groom wrote out little blurbs for each member of their bridal party and I recorded them using my portable recording studio. I introduced the bride and groom at the end. Another way to do it would be to have another member of your family introduce the Bride & Groom. 

Custom Grand Entrance-Game Show Style

This is a fun Grand entrance where the Groom and/or the Bride throw out their best game show host impression. Like the above grand entrance, this one is a favorite of friends and family. Again, the B&G write funny or heartfelt intros for their Bridal Party and they enter as you are introducing them. My clients say that their friends and family are still talking about these cool entrances. 

Custom Grand Entrance-Black Eyed Peas Style

The Bride & Groom came to me with the idea of doing their Grand Entrance to the song “Let’s Get It Started”  by The Black Eyed Peas. We chopped the tune up a bit to make it work but when we were finished it worked great and their guests and wedding party were floored by these special introductions, customized for each member of the Bridal Party. 

Custom Grand Entrance - Motley Crue Style

This version is another Bride & Groom inspired entrance. They are serious Rock fans and this was a way that they could put their stamp on the start of their celebration. This is in your face from the start and worked very well for them. The intro for the B&G was to a different song.

Fun/Goofy Grand Entrance

This couple just wanted to have some fun on their Big day. Their friends and family LOVED these intros because the this couple were very fun-loving and spontaneous as much of this introduction was improved while we were recording. They embodied the true spirit of what I try to communicate to my customers…”let’s have some fun!”

A Very Special Grand Entrance

This grand entrance is really sweet. While recording the couple’s entrances, I suggested that instead of me (the DJ) introducing the B&G at the end, we have their 3 year old son Marco introduce them (since he was in the room). We coached him through the intro and spliced it all together and got this very touching result.