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We'll meet and talk about your event to see if we're a match for your vision. 


If we're a match, to book RCMM, we require a signed contract and a $100 retainer, then we start the planning process!


A short meeting just prior to your event to finalize all details of your day.


On your big day you can relax knowing your RCMM DJ has all your details covered!


Here is a pdf of the TOP 200 SONGS OF ALL TIME.

Here is a LINK to our library of music.

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Service Types

Wedding DJ

With over 15 years providing wedding services as both musicisan & DJ, we strive for that perfect event.

Party DJ

Big party or small; holiday of just a hang with friends, we can do all types and sizes of events with professionalism and fun!

Event DJ

Corporate and group events are great for company morale and inclusion. We love doing them.

Karaoke KJ

Because sometimes, you just gotta sing! We have a HUGE song library to choose from.


You will have an in-person consultation and a final meeting with us just before the event. We will arrive 60 to 90 minutes prior to your event to begin setting up. Each package includes a complete DJ system with a cordless microphone, speakers, state-of-the-art digital players, and back-up equipment, along with a digital playlist catered to your special event. We will be dressed in appropriate attire and will be your Master of Ceremonies (if you wish) to make all announcements and play your requested music throughout your event.

How much does a wedding dress cost? As you can see, there is no cut and dried answer and that is why we recommend you to set up a consultation with us. We want to listen to you describe to us your vision for your event. We will ask you some questions, present some ideas and by the time we are done, we will have a great understanding of the vision and the possibilities of what we can achieve to instill fun, class and merriment.

With today's technology, we are able to provide you with any style of music and find most, if not all, of the songs you request. This includes, and is not limited to, 40's Big Band Swing to all of today's current music, along with various types of ethnic music. We do have a list of the 200 or so MOST popular and requested songs in my 15+ years of experience in doing events (see music page). This list is a good list to look at when planning any event because it lists some of the top dance songs ever and will give you some ideas to consider that you may not have thought of, given the literally hundreds of thousands of songs out there that are available.

It is only perceived to be the same thing. Even within the same company, each DJ is unique, with his own personality, level of experience, reputation, people skills, musical knowledge and talent as a DJ/MC. DJs don’t all deliver identical results. The tough part is narrowing down the field without letting the price alone rule your decision. If you decide to book a great DJ who is the perfect fit for you but costs a bit more than your DJ budget, many couples simply reduce (or omit) a less important expenditure and are still able to stick to their original total budget. A bad DJ = a bad wedding experience for you and your guests.

Not at all. We suggest that you opt for us to set up a second sound system which allows for uninterrupted music as your guests mingle and enjoy hors d’oeuvres.

Once you have decided what you want and the company that you want to book, it is advisable to book right away. That way you don't run the risk of someone beating you to the punch for that vendor on your date. I would say that this goes for all vendors, such as venue, caterer, photographer, DJ etc.

A signed contract and a non-refundable retainer of $100 is required; which is applied to the total, with the balance due on or before the event date.

You can CLICK HERE or call us at (503) 752-4489 or email us to make an appointment. Evening appointments are available on most days. Weekend appointments are also available depending upon our event schedule. Most consultations take 45 minutes to an hour.

You are guaranteed to get ME on the day of your event, unless other arrangements have been made.

I will be dressed appropriately for your event. I can wear a suit, shirt and tie, dress casual or dress to your themed event. A shirt & tie is the norm.

We like to set up our equipment two hours or so before you guests are scheduled to arrive. This gives us an opportunity to make sure everything is perfect before we start.

A question not enough people ask! A typical setup requires an area 10 feet by 10 feet for our equipment and lighting. We also need 1 15-20 amp electrical outlet within 50 feet of our setup. This circuit should be dedicated to our system solely, with no other power draws. We can fit into a smaller area depending on where our speakers and lighting are placed. If a larger system is needed, these requirements may change.

Yes, we do. We play as many requests as we possibly can, as long as it is appropriate to the occasion and to your guidelines. If you have a specific song you do not wish to have played, we will not play it...period!

No. We believe that the best events are those where you’ve given us guidelines and we do what we do best. Of course, you can pick the music for the special dances and for songs you MUST hear.

We often provide the ceremony music. Let us know if the ceremony is in the same area as the reception, or a different location. We’ll handle it and be happy to share our ideas for processionals, recessionals and classical pieces.

Yes, this is one of the reasons I bring a cordless microphone to each event. If there is a fire, I can still announce whilst running at full speed towards the exit. ;+)

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COVID-19 Statement

We know that based on recent events and news, covid-19 is likely top of mind for you. At Rose City Mobile Music we want all existing and potential clients to know that we take the health of you and your guests very seriously.

We want to reassure you that we will do whatever it takes to make your event a success while following CDC and local authority guidelines. Whether you need to modify your event to include live-streaming or reschedule; whatever you need, we are here to help.

Your safety and well-being, and making sure we figure out the best way to make your event memorable, are top priorities for us. Planning an event is stressful enough; COVID-19 certainly doesn’t help.

We are acting responsibly by avoiding travel to outbreak hotspots; practicing social distancing by holding all meetings virtually instead of in person; swapping hugs for a friendly wave; and, last but not least, practicing good hand hygiene. At events we are wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and are equipped with hand sanitizer.

Whether you are a current or potential client we welcome you contacting us directly to discuss your individual concerns and needs.

Stay safe and we look forward to responsibly entertaining you and your guests in the near future!

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